Modular Building Products

Hy-Grade Precast Concrete provides precast concrete building solutions for a wide variety of applications. Our buildings are designed and fabricated for long-term durability and immediate use. They are aesthetically pleasing, and provide weatherproof, low maintenance and vandal resistance for uses such as general storage, equipment and control enclosures, washrooms, dugouts, pump stations, water, hydro, and much more.

Hy-Grade Pre-Engineered Buildings

Hy-Grade Pre-Engineered Buildings provide a safe and secure solution for maximum asset protection.

These buildings are offered as standard models which are already designed and detailed ready for fabrication. Each building is fabricated to be weather-tight and ready to use the same day of delivery and installation. Possible applications include:

  • Water meter chamber
  • School storage building
  • Hazardous material storage
  • Landscape equipment storage
  • Electrical control shelter
  • Above grade valve chamber
  • And more

Quality Standards:

  • Fresh air ventilation through stationary, stormproof aluminum louvres
  • Single or double door options
  • Bullet proof, corrosion and impact resistant
  • Fire resistant rating greater than one hour
  • Variety of standard and custom interior and exterior finishes available
  • Minimal site preparation required for installation
  • Flat or gable roof design options available
  • Design live loads:
    • Snow – 60 PSF
    • Floor – 100 PSF
    • Wind – 27 PSF

Flat Roof

3000mm x 2400mm 9'-10" x 7'-10"   (3024F)
3600mm x 3000mm 11'-10" x 9'-10"   (3630F)
3600mm x 4800mm 11'-10" x 15'-9"   (3648F)

Pitched Roof

3000mm x 2400mm 9'-10" x 7'-10"   (3024P)
3600mm x 3000mm 11'-10" x 9'-10"   (3630P)
3600mm x 4800mm 11'-10" x 15'-9"   (3648P)

Hy-Grade Precast Concrete EASI-SET® Precast Buildings provide unsurpassed protection and security in a variety of solutions.

EASI-SET® buildings are durable and versatile, providing lifetime protection. Suggested building applications include:

  • Equipment storage
  • Machinery housing
  • Hazardous material storage
  • Generator buildings
  • Restrooms/Washrooms
  • Concession/Confection
  • Pump Stations
  • Dugouts
  • Chlorination Equipment Housing
  • Meter Buildings
  • …and more

Quality Standards:

  • Reinforced precast concrete construction
  • Manufactured using patented post-tension system for durable, waterproof structure
  • Maintenance free and will not rust, rot, corrode or burn
  • Provide unsurpassed protection and resistance to bullets, fire and vandals
  • Incorporates recycled materials
  • Single sloped post-tensioned roof or gable roof profile
  • No poured footings or foundation required
  • Variety of standard and custom exterior finishes available
  • Variety of sizes available
  • Optional features include:
    • Openings – floor, walls and roof
    • Windows and skylights
    • HVAC and electrical
    • Louvres
    • Insulation

In addition to EASI-SET®, ultra-large EASI-SPAN™ building designs are also available. These larger buildings provide increased space, perfect for larger equipment. EASI-SPAN™ buildings provide an alternative to traditional construction and can be customized. Available in a variety of sizes up to 4000 square feet with double sloped post-tensioned roofs, these structures can be preassembled, modular or assembled on site.

Custom EASI-SPAN™ Buildings

Easi-Span™ is unique roof design that allows maximum clear inside space. These roofs are able to span great lengths without the needs for interior load bearing partitions. Due to their size, these buildings are site assembled. Please contact a Hy-Grade building specialist to get started.

Introducing EASI-SPAN™, EASI-SET®‘s clear-span precast concrete building solution. Individual panels and roof sections are combined in varied configurations from 20′ x 20′ up to 40′ x 100’.

The EASI-SPAN™ roof system is totally self supporting which allows for more versatility, increased storage and the use of larger equipment in the building, since it eliminates the need for interior supports.

Custom exterior and interior finishes and designs are available to meet your specific needs. Refer to the “Aesthetics” page to view some of the typical options. Insulation can be site installed inside the building or cast directly in the panel using our “Sandwich” panel system.

Buildings can be installed on precast floor slabs or a cast-in-place concrete foundation system. Precast floor slabs, on compacted granular material, create a floating foundation ideal for many applications and maximize site efficiency. Cast-in-place applications are ideal for buildings with mechanical, electrical or plumbing connections that cannot shift along with grade.

EASI-SPAN™ buildings offer an alternative to traditional construction; increasing site efficiency while maintaining durability and customization.

Custom Pitched Roof Buildings

These buildings are also custom designed and fabricated for your specific project or application but with the added architectural feature of a Pitched/Gable roof. These buildings are ideal for complimenting residental areas while maintained the strength and durability of concrete. No rafters, sheathing or shingles required! Please contact a Hy-Grade building specialist to get started.

Hy-Grade Pitched Roof Buildings offer a 4/12 precast pitched roof. The appearance of the roof simulates a metal seam finish, and can be stained or painted to compliment the building finish, or other nearby structures.



Hy-Grade Pitched Roof Buildings are functional AND aesthetically pleasing! Wall panels are available in various exterior finishes. The uniquely designed PRECAST PITCHED ROOF provides an architectural element, is durable and is maintenance free.



Hy-Grade Pitched Roof Buildings are the perfect solution for “high profile” locations…residential subdivisions, schools, parks, and more. The specially designed precast structure can provide housing for equipment storage, pumps stations, gas odorant, water treatment plants, hazardous materials storage, security checkpoints, meter stations, communication enclosures, generators, washrooms and more…


Hy-Grade Precast concrete modular buildings feature a variety of aesthetic finishes, including exposed aggregate, custom staining, vandal coatings and simulated finishes such as ashlar, barnboard, block, brick or steel roof.

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