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Precast Pitched Roof Design

Hy-Grade Pitched Roof Buildings offer a 4/12 precast pitched roof. The appearance of the roof simulates a metal seam finish, and can be stained or painted to compliment the building finish, or other nearby structures

Amazing Aesthetics

Hy-Grade Pitched Roof Buildings are functional AND aesthetically pleasing! Wall panels are available in various exterior finishes. The uniquely designed PRECAST PITCHED ROOF provides an architectural element, is durable and is maintenance free.

Unlimited Applications

Hy-Grade Pitched Roof Buildings are the perfect solution for "high profile" locations...residential subdivisions, schools, parks, and more. The specially designed precast structure can provide housing for equipment storage, pumps stations, gas odorant, water treatment plants, hazardous materials storage, security checkpoints, meter stations, communication enclosures, generators, washrooms and more...