Lester B. Pearson Park - Washroom Structure

What happens when a block-and-wood washroom in a public park looks woefully outdated next to the modern additions around it, including a new $20 million aquatic center? It’s replaced by a durable, visually-appealing custom precast concrete washroom. Situated in the heart of St. Catharines, Ontario, Lester B. Pearson Park is a community focal point. With a revitalization project breathing new life into the 27-acre park, visitor numbers spiked and the local Recreation Department wanted to continue the rehabilitation by replacing dated restroom facilities with a modern new structure. Looking to neighboring communities, city officials noticed that several municipalities had replaced old block-and-wood washrooms with precast buildings, so the city approached Hy-Grade Precast Concrete requesting a signature design.

Hy-Grade’s team worked with the city on several concepts and landed on a challenging but dynamic design that included an unconventional footprint with a pitched roof featuring compound joints. Using 3-D modeling, the precaster ensured the compound angles at the roof joints would precisely match. Hy-Grade also worked closely with the plumber and electrician to pre-form openings and penetrations for the fixtures, eliminating the need to drill core holes onsite.

Each panel has four different finishes and includes fine details around openings. After curing, all panels received a stain finish to match the city’s desired color scheme. Hy-Grade also designed and supplied custom columns and a steel structure to support the large roof overhang. Installers completed assembly of the seven exterior wall panels, eight interior partitions and four roof slabs in just five days. Hy-Grade’s innovative design and precision production emphasizes the amazing versatility of precast concrete in a building that will serve the community for many years to come.