Project Highlights

At Hy-Grade Precast Concrete, we are proud of the opportunities and projects we work on for our customers. Regardless of the task at hand, we strive to achieve the expectations set forth on each project, no matter the size. With 70 years of experience, it is our pleasure to offer our customers and partners innovation, service, integrity and quality time and time again.


Easi-Set Makes History By Matching 120 Year Old Structure

Thorold, ON

The design and construction challenge for this project was to build a new pump station building that looks like it has been there for over 100 years…matching the original structure!

Hy-Grade met the challenge with an Easi-Set building. The precast panels were constructed with architectural features such as simulated brick, coining along the top perimeter of the building, and custom staining to match the historic aesthetics of the original facility buildings.

A truss and steel roof was constructed on site, by the general contractor after the precast walls were erected.

The Hy-Grade Team looks forward to hearing about your project needs, special circumstances and unique design ideas!

Windemere Basin Fishway

Hamilton, ON

Windermere Basin is located at the southeast corner of Hamilton Harbour, at the mouth of Red Hill Creek, and began as a pre-industrial wetland. Aerial photos of the Basin before 1950 show the area as a productive coastal wetland. However, since the 1950’s, the Basin was subjected to contamination by industrial chemicals, sewage overflows, landfill leaks and eroded sediment from Red Hill Creek. Consequently, the Basin became impacted by contamination, and was environmentally degraded.

A Remedial Action Plan was subsequently developed, and identified that “Degradation of habitat, including the loss of 65% of Hamilton Harbour fish and wildlife habitat, has been identified as one of the causes resulting in the reduction or loss of colonial waterbirds and certain fish populations”.

The wide scope of this project included the installation of a fishway structure to provide access to the wetland during the majority of the warm water timing window for desirable fish species such as northern pike, large-mouth bass, and white sucker, while excluding Common Carp.

This structure was assembled using (12) individual custom precast trough sections anchored to a cast-in-place structure. Precast concrete was chosen as the preferred solution to reduce the on-site construction scope and further advance the construction schedule. Precast elements were formed and cured in a controlled indoor environment while crews on-site simultaneously excavated and prepared the site.

Lester B. Pearson Park - Washroom Structure

St. Catharines, ON

What happens when a block-and-wood washroom in a public park looks woefully outdated next to the modern additions around it, including a new $20 million aquatic center? It’s replaced by a durable, visually-appealing custom precast concrete washroom. Situated in the heart of St. Catharines, Ontario, Lester B. Pearson Park is a community focal point. With a revitalization project breathing new life into the 27-acre park, visitor numbers spiked and the local Recreation Department wanted to continue the rehabilitation by replacing dated restroom facilities with a modern new structure. Looking to neighboring communities, city officials noticed that several municipalities had replaced old block-and-wood washrooms with precast buildings, so the city approached Hy-Grade Precast Concrete requesting a signature design.

Hy-Grade’s team worked with the city on several concepts and landed on a challenging but dynamic design that included an unconventional footprint with a pitched roof featuring compound joints. Using 3-D modeling, the precaster ensured the compound angles at the roof joints would precisely match. Hy-Grade also worked closely with the plumber and electrician to pre-form openings and penetrations for the fixtures, eliminating the need to drill core holes onsite.

Each panel has four different finishes and includes fine details around openings. After curing, all panels received a stain finish to match the city’s desired color scheme. Hy-Grade also designed and supplied custom columns and a steel structure to support the large roof overhang. Installers completed assembly of the seven exterior wall panels, eight interior partitions and four roof slabs in just five days. Hy-Grade’s innovative design and precision production emphasizes the amazing versatility of precast concrete in a building that will serve the community for many years to come.